Edward Barnard
Concept, digital painting, and hand-lettered typography for the title copy
I was commissioned to create a series of ebook covers, illustrating the core concepts behind Edward's chronicles of programming. This series of books were a joyous mix of history, programming, and personal development.

An opportunity to go above & beyond.
As I pored over the material in "From Capone to Cray", what struck me, was that there was a mystery on the tombstone of Seymour Cray; as it turns out, they had hidden a message within the engraved letters on Seymour Cray's gravestone; each letter with a serif was a key to a secret message within. 
No one knew for decades, until an eagle-eyed individual spotted an anomaly with the lettering on a banner in a photograph!
Upon reading this, I adored this factoid and proposed to Edward that we go above and beyond, and encrypt a small message within each cover, by way of adding serifs on key letters. He loved it, and we hope the readers enjoyed cracking the code to our tribute to the late visionary Seymour Cray.
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