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Licensed therapist Olivia Pruznick and I partnered  to create a podcast that would reveal what really happens in the 50min hour of therapy, as we saw an opportunity to provide insight on a rarely-discussed aspect of mental health.  
Brand Audit
Analysing the competition and our niche
This was a brand identity from the ground up, so what we focused on, was studying the rather saturated mental health podcast market, and how we could differentiate ourselves from the rest.
The majority of mental health podcasts and social media accounts tended to veer more towards the more feminine, with heavy use of neutrals, high-contrast serif fonts (reminiscent of luxury beauty or fashion brands), and an emphasis on being a gentle, welcoming space.
Mission statement and values
Above all, our mission statement is to help de-stigmatise and lower resistance for people who are wishing to seek mental health support, but are afraid to, due to preconceived notions of what therapy is.
Marketing Research
Brand identity strategy
The name "Therapy is my Therapy" is a tongue in cheek retort to the all-too-common phrase people use to avoid therapy; that is, they claim "[activity that isn't therapy] is my therapy." 
We decided on this name, because it encapsulates so much of who we are: unconventional and chock-full of snarky humour that will appeal to our audience, and through that sassy title, we communicate our mission statement of being fierce proponents of seeking mental health instead of hiding.
Audio brand identity
The intro and outro music were based off of inspirational sources such as Nujabes, and other lo-fi hip hop musicians. We aimed for an musical atmosphere that was approachable, casual, with a feminine touch without being overly girly. 
Brand visual identity
This was the most challenging part, for our demographics are rather varied: my major audience was predominantly male, but my co-host wished for a more broad approach to our messaging.  
We decided to aim for one overarching branding that relies heavily on neutrals with an injection of stronger colours, and a small library of textures and colours that can be remixed in order to appeal to various audiences. By establishing a cohesive visual "family", it allows for us to maintain brand consistency through shared fonts, colours and shape language.
Our emphasis was to focus on the content and what we have to offer (authenticity, relatability, and storytelling), rather than to concentrate on whom we're offering this content to.
Brand communication strategy
Audio as the main format
Audio and oral storytelling is powerful. By using podcasting as our main vehicle of content delivery, we leverage the audio-only nature of the medium in order to magnify the level of connection that we wish to create with the listener.
Video and text content will be our main means of marketing, as platforms such as TikTok and Instagram rely heavily on videos and text content.
Our differentiator
What sets us apart from other podcasts, is that Olivia is a licensed therapist, and I am a person attending therapy.
We both have a wealth of experience and can offer insights from both sides; I can speak about my mental health journey and my confusion as to what my therapist is really thinking, and Olivia can explain from a professional standpoint, on what methods therapists are employing during a session. 
Our focus is on a mix of storytelling, and clinical insights.
La Poudre’s brand strategy is consistent across different communication touchpoints with the audience. The chosen name, audio, and visual elements perfectly reflect the brand’s identity. They have contributed to the creation of a unique experience for the audience, making the community grow and engaged over the years.
This is a clear example of how a well-thought-out brand strategy can create a unique and consistent podcast experience. It does not only allow the podcast to attract and retain audiences but also contributes to the creation of a world that listeners want to be part of.
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