Coveo Solutions Inc.
Art Direction:
Sheila Morin
​​​​​​​I had the opportunity to create a T-shirt design for an event. The stakeholders wished to reference the iconic "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign that visitors view upon entering the city.
Initially, we ran into issues regarding the heaviness of the copy; I took the initiative to create a copy audit.
Within the audit, I deconstructed why the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign is a successful and iconic, design, and provided a template for the copywriters in order to create copy that would suit the layout and communicate their value proposition. 
Now the copy audit will be implemented in the workflow of the company, as it was a resounding success and streamlined the pain point between the designers and copywriters, where the copy is often not suitable for the concept.
Now that both the design and copywriters were aligned, I was given the green light to proceed. I then gathered some reference images, and explored Behance and Dribbble to see how others were deriving the iconic sign.
One of the challenges, was that I was limited to the Coveo brand colours. 
Additionally, due to the screenprinted nature of the t-shirt, there was a great deal of problem-solving required on my part, in order to create a sense of depth while using a very limited colour palette.
One of the challenges was that the stakeholders did not have a provider and clear budget in mind, so I created variations by number of colours and overall complexity. This provided latitude for the stakeholder to shop around for suppliers.
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