Despite having only been using Figma for a year, I had become one of the most experienced designers with this program, in the Marketing department. As a result, my manager requested that I create a means to upskill new or fellow designers in using this application, as there was a pain point, regarding the scalability of the production of UI illustrations and web assets in Figma.
While the initial suggestion was to come into the Coveo Montreal office and create a multi-day workshop, I recognised that a video series would be far more useful; anyone could access it on the Coveo brand portal, and it could be replayed in perpetuity, thus making it scalable as a means of educating my colleagues. 
These are a handful of the slides I created, as I did a voiceover while demonstrating how to navigate this app, and provided (hopefully) humorous and educational commentary.
I have received feedback from both the manager, and my colleagues in how accessible this was, and how I succeeded in conveying information while keeping it entertaining.
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